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McNally Jackson

Can’t make it to New York City to try NYC’s best burger (according to Zagat, no less!)? Dying to try the Sour Power Milkshake you’ve seen all over Instagram? No problem! Our brand new book reveals the recipes for all our most popular menu items, including the All-American Burger, the Burger Bash-winning Greg-Norman Burger, the Black Tap Burger Salad, the Brooklyn Blackout Shake, the Blueberry Pie Shake and more. This gorgeous hardcover book is filled with color photos and more than 40 easy-to-follow recipes so you can get in on all the action too, no standing in line required. So whether you’re looking for the secret to a perfectly seared burger patty or the trick to balancing a donut atop a milkshake glass, Craft Burgers and Crazy Shakes has all the tips, techniques, and recipes you need to create your own Instagram sensations, right in your own kitchen.

“We’re having fun at Black Tap. We want you to be happy when you eat here and I want you to have fun when you use this book to cook for your friends and family.  Have a good time, and don’t sweat the details too hard. If you follow a few simple rules, it’s probably going to taste great. And if you enjoy yourself while you are cooking and sharing this food with people you care about, it’s going to taste that much better.”

– Joe isidori, Chef/owner

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